Club Cars/ Groups Terms and Conditions 

7Clubs and Groups Terms and Conditions:
Please Read DEADLINE: 5PM – 1st June 2021

1. To qualify for a club pitch, your Club/Group must have a minimum of 5 vehicles.
2. You can bulk buy as many entry tickets as you wish at the time of booking or at any time after this up until 5pm on 1st June 2021 (subject to availability)
3. Tickets bought online via the website will incur a postage fees.
4. Location requests are not guaranteed. The Scottish Festival of Motoring will endeavor to meet location preferences but disputes will not be entered in to.
5. A completed booking form and full payment must be received to confirm your Club/Group Booking.
Vehicles will be searched on arrival at the venue for forbidden items.
6. Any vehicles arriving at the venue without a Club/Group Pass will be directed to the public car park. Where passes have been issued, the vehicles must be located within the confines of the allocated stand. Organisers of the Club/Group Booking, will be sent vehicle passes and it is their responsibility to distribute them to their members attending the show.
7. No monetary refunds will be given.
8. The Scottish Festival of Motoring, and any staff acting on their behalf, reserves the right to refuse admission to any Car Club/Group members.
9. All display material and/or exhibition equipment shall be positioned within the confines of the reserved Club Stand.
10. No obscene material and/or display material and/or behaviour which could cause offence to visitors, other Car Clubs/Groups (and their staff) or The Scottish Motoring Festival (and their staff) will be allowed.
11. Food and/or beverages may not be sold from any Club/Group stand under any circumstances.
12. The distribution of leaflets is strictly forbidden. Posters or other promotional material must be distributed within the confines of the Club/Group Stand area only.
13. Car Clubs/Groups are responsible for the cleanliness of their stands and all rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins provided.
14. Only Club/Group merchandise that matches the name of the club/group on the booking form can be sold from the stand.
15. Generators are NOT allowed on the site.
16. Scottish Festival of Motoring is a private event and as such filming is restricted to non-commercial photography (still or moving pictures). Any photos taken or filming done remains the copyright of Scottish Festival of Motoring and as such by attending the event you agree that any and all photos/film be used by Scottish Festival of Motoring at any time without further communication. Commercial photography/filming for profit is forbidden without prior written consent and a fee paid.
17. Car Clubs are responsible for the safekeeping of all products or other items on their Club/Group Stand. The Scottish Festival of Motoring will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to Car Club/Groups members’ property howsoever caused.
18. The Scottish Festival of Motoring is a static festival, no vehicles permitted to move during festival times.
19. No glass bottles, jars etc allowed on site. Any glass will be confiscated.
20. Dogs are permitted on site, however must be kept on a lead at all times.
21. Adverse weather ticket policy. In case of the festival being severely affected by adverse weather, please retain your ticket as a credit value may be attributed to your ticket.
22. Quad bikes, moped are allowed on site, must remain static throughout the festival.
23. No parking on any roadway – park only in the parking areas and in accordance with the instructions of the parking marshals.
24. No independent sound systems are allowed on site.
25. Medical assistance can be found at the foyer area, located in the main Highland Hall.
26. Security will be on site at all times throughout the event to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. Their instructions must be followed at all times. Please contact them in any emergency.
27. No fireworks, chinese lanterns or aerial drones are permitted anywhere throughout festival.
28. The Scottish Festival of Motoring reserves the right to vary or amend these rules at any time without prior notice and to remove any visitor from site who does not observe these rules at any time without compensation.